RAL to HEX and RGB converter plugin
As a designer or artist, it’s important to be able to work with a variety of color systems. One such system is the RAL color system, which is commonly used in architecture, construction, and product design. However, converting RAL colors to other systems like HEX and RGB can be time-consuming and difficult. That’s where the “Mitis RAL Color to HEX and RGB Converter” plugin comes in.

This lightweight and easy-to-use plugin allows you to quickly and easily convert any RAL color code to its corresponding HEX and RGB values. Simply enter the RAL color value (just the 4 digits) in the input field, and a color bar will appear to show you the RAL color you entered. This is a great way to quickly check if the RAL code you have matches the color you want.

Above the input field, you’ll see the HEX and RGB values for the color you entered. You can easily copy and paste these values into your project, saving you time and effort in the long run. Try it!

The “RAL Color to HEX and RGB Converter” plugin is a must-have tool for anyone who works with RAL colors on a regular basis. Whether you’re a designer, architect, or product developer, this plugin makes it easy to convert RAL colors to other color systems like HEX and RGB.
Install and activate the plugin and put the shortcode ral-hex-calculator in any Page or Post. Ofcourse in brackets []

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